One of the first things online marketers will tell you to have an email address list. The primary reason for this is that it is the lifeblood of your online business. Having a dedicated email list to promote your business offers wouldn’t be very successful or make much money. To have a successful email list, you must ensure that the email addresses are accurate. That is where an email checker comes into play.

What is an email checker?

An email checker or email validator checks for the validity of an email address. This powerful tool uses several methods to verify that it is real and can receive emails from you. It reduces the possibility that an email sent to it will not bounce back or get rejected. An email checker reviews all of the email addresses on your current email list. Emails Checker ensure that you will be more successful with any email campaign. It provides higher success of emails landing in to your customers inbox. It also increases your email campaigns open and click rates. 

Why do you need to have an email checker?

As an online marketer, having tools to help you succeed is very important. Your email list is the lifeblood of your marketing business. It only makes sense that you should have a powerful tool like an email checker in your toolbox. It would be best if you used an email verification tool to review your email list periodically as it grows.

There are some excellent reasons that you should use an email checker, and we came up with ten reasons below:

Reduces your email bounce rate

A high percentage of emails getting bounced when you send out emails can harm your reputation. An email checker actively checks all the email addresses on your list to ensure that your emails only go to active and working email addresses. 

Money-saving tool

Data storage is not free; therefore, having your email list free of unwanted or not working email addresses can help you reduce the size of your database and save money.

Improves your return on investment

Consider the cost of ending out email campaigns. Reducing the number of bounced emails and increasing the number of emails open rate can quickly increase your return on investment (ROI). 

Reduces spam complaints from your email list

If email servers label your domain as a spammer, this can affect your online marketing reputation significantly. One of the things a good email checker can do for you is to see if anyone on your list is marking emails as spam. If so, you would not want to send emails to that address. 

Improve your open rates

By eliminating the inactive or not working email addresses and leaving the ones more likely to see your emails, you improve your chances that they will open more of yours. 

Helps to avoid risky email addresses

An email checker can help you avoid sending emails to dangerous email addresses designed to defraud people, such as chargeback sites. 

Helps to avoid catch-all type email services

Helps you to prevent a specific type of email server that is set up to accept emails even if the email account doesn’t exist. This way, you can remove it from your list to avoid future issues affecting bounce rates and other analytics. 

Helps to avoid temporary accounts

The use of temporary email accounts is daily among bad Internet actors. Having an email checker can help you remove these temporary accounts after they shut down. 

Protects your reputation

As an email marketer, your reputation as an emailer is essential. It would be best if you were sure you are constantly on guard for things that can affect your reputation. Having this type of tool is powerful. 

Helps to collect valuable data

Your data (email list) is critical. You have to manage and protect your data. Using an email checker should be a part of your business. 

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Improve your email open rate & return on investment
Improve your email open rate & return on investment

Why does an email bounce?

There are many reasons why an email can bounce or email servers reject your email. Bounced emails can hurt your business, and you should avoid them as much as possible. We included several reasons why an email can bounce when you send an email to someone on your list:

Top 4 causes for an email to bounce

  • Fake domain or it doesn’t exist: Your customer gives you a fake email account or shuts down shortly after registering it in your email database. 
  • A person no longer works at the address: People change jobs or positions at companies or change email providers, and the address may no longer be valid. 
  • Typo in the email address: Your customer can make type or syntax errors when entering their email into your signup process. 
  • The email provider is no longer valid: The email provider was shut down or is no longer accepting emails. 

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How frequently should you use an email address validation tool?

There is no steadfast rule regarding how often you should scan your email list using an email checker tool. However, it should be comparable to the number of email campaigns you are currently using. Another way to judge would be to review the results of your campaigns to see the amount of bounced emails you are getting.

Email address validation service should help you to devise a schedule to run scans on your email list. You can set it up to automatically scan once or twice a week. Besides, you don’t have to do a lot of analysis, especially if you have an extensive email address list. 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, your email list is your online business’s lifeblood, and you must protect it. Everything revolves around your ability to send promotions and offers to your email subscribers. It is best to have an email checker that you can trust and use effectively. 

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