Your email list is one of your most important assets as a marketer. When you need to promote a new product or a new offer, your first port of call should always be to your trusted list of email addresses. 

Verify Email Addresses? When was the last time you checked your email list, though? Many marketers take the importance of running an email address validation check for granted. Some are completely unaware that an email validation check is even a thing. Whether you fall into category a or b, we will help you see why you need to take advantage of an email verification service like the one we offer here at Emails Checker Pro.

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Why an email address validation check service used for?

People Often Change Email Addresses

Although many people seem to stick with the same email address for a long time, around 31% of people change their email addresses yearly. Even if some of the members of your email list never unsubscribe or deactivate their accounts, there is no point in including them in any mass email strategy if they never actually look at that email inbox.

An email verification service can help assess whether an email address is still actively used or needs to be removed from your subscriber list. In this email validation blog you will find more details about how to use an email address validation check service.

You Need to Factor in Human Error

With the best will in the world, even though accuracy is essential when supplying email addresses, human beings still make mistakes. If you have filled out any online forms in your lifetime, you will know how easy it is to type small but crucial errors. With the help of an email validation service, you can avoid these mistakes.

Less Successful Email Service Provides Often Shut Down

While it is unlikely for Google or Yahoo, Microsoft or Yahoo to shut down any time soon, it could happen to other smaller and less successful email service providers. You may be wasting your time sending emails out to your subscriber list that never gets to their destination because the account has become inactive. In addition to the user being unable to send and receive emails, they can’t even look at their inbox.

You can avoid a little time, and effort and streamline your email marketing efforts by using an email validation service like our own to root out those email accounts that are no longer active.

Users Change Jobs

Some statistics suggest that people tend to change jobs every couple of years. What happens if a user on your email subscriber list changes jobs? Unless they use their email account even for work-related correspondence, their business email address will likely change.

Similarly to other instances we’ve already covered in this post; it would be a waste of your time and efforts if you were sending out emails that weren’t reaching your subscribers because they had changed their email addresses. Using our highly sophisticated email validation service is one of the best ways to avoid this.

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People Receive Promotions

It’s not just when people change jobs that they change email addresses. It can often occur when they are promoted within the same company. For instance, if a low-level employee is promoted to a managerial or supervisory position, the new role and department may come with a new business email address. Therefore, not only could the service or product you are marketing be irrelevant to them due to their change in circumstances and responsibilities, but any emails sent to them may not even reach them.

Considering that, on average, many people get promotions within 18 to 24 months of joining businesses, it’s a good idea to make email verification a standard annual practice.

Many Users Provide Fake Email Addresses

Although this may sound counter-intuitive, many people provide fake email addresses, especially if individuals seemingly try to sign up for your email subscription list.

There are several reasons why people do this – some simply do not feel comfortable sharing their email addresses and therefore use fake information when asked for it. Other users have limited time and are looking to bypass your verification and enter the wrong email addresses.

Most fake email addresses are straightforward to spot, but as you may have thousands of emails on your subscriber list, it can take a lot of work to sift through genuine addresses to remove the fakes. By using our email address validation and email address verification check and email verification service, this can be done in minutes.

Your Brand Identity and Reputation Can be Affected

So far, we have mostly looked at many logistical benefits of using an email validation service. One crucial reason you should use one of these services though has a more profound impact on your business than just wasting your time. Your brand identity and reputation can be adversely affected if you are not regularly running checks on your email subscriber list.

The return on investment of any email marketing campaign depends mainly on the relevancy of the emails you send out to the recipients in your list and whether the emails are live or not. If just 10% of the email addresses in your list are dead, fake, inactive, or incorrect, your marketing campaign will not be as successful.

It is also worth noting that it will make your business look less professional if you cannot carry out the simplest of tasks, such as sending out emails to the right addresses. Most users will want and even expect you to correct mistakes, particularly those they create.

To increase the success of any email marketing campaign you run, you need to use a responsive, effective and sophisticated email address validation check and email verification service like the one offered here at Emails Checker.

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You can also find more information here about Why Emails Checker Pro is very important for businesses and how it can boost your customer outreach.

What Features Email Address Validation Check services provide?

Identify Invalid Email Addresses

Invalid email addresses bounce when you send email campaigns that reduce your company email server reputation. Removing identified invalid email addresses from your email list provide you better inbox landing for your customers. Remove invalid email addresses from your lists.

Bulk Email Verification

Services like Emails Checker Pro validate and check full list of your customer emails. You can upload your list in CSV, Excel or TXT file to get your emails validated.

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