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You should reconsider your approach if you are trying to build a strong email list for your business and are still using an email checker. Like many other individuals and businesses, you have quickly dismissed the importance of an email verification and check if email address exists in your entire email list. Many just see it as an extra bit of hassle. However, in the following post, we will highlight what an email checker does and why it is essential if you have an extensive list or are trying to build an extensive list of contacts.

Best free email verification provider
Best free email verification provider

Email Checker – What is it and How Does it Verify Email Addresses?

Email verification or checking is a process that involves checking that email addresses are accurate and that they are currently being used. This means that the email addresses can receive and send messages and are linked to a legitimate and existing domain mail server. If email addresses pass these checks, they belong to individuals who will receive your important messages.

How email verification and checking services work depends on the specific platforms. They generally consist of several algorithms and interconnected systems checks to ensure they are as accurate as possible.

With our exclusive email checker, there are six core features:

SMTP Validation, MX Records Check If Email Address Exists

This checks the ISPs, and any emails with invalid accounts or parked, inactive or invalid domains are removed. In this process Email verification tool communicates with smtp server and use email verifier to validate if customers email address exists. Mail servers respond with either email address is valid or invalid addresses. Invalid emails get removed from email lists.

Spam Trap Email Checker

Spam trap emails are the most dangerous email addresses for email marketers when sending email campaigns to their email list directly. These are email addresses that are forgotten by their users and taken over by the email service providers. This part of our system cleans up spam traps to increase your reputation.

Disposable Email Address Checker – Temporary email addresses

Our email verifier system can find any temporary emails to ensure that all future emails reach your desired targets. All email addresses domain names get checked through Emails Checker Pro database. Then these domains mx records checked through the database. The last step is to find these mx server IP address and check the owner of the IP address if it belongs to a disposable email address server provider. In email verification process removing temporary email addresses are mainly crutial for business that provide free signup or test accounts. A test account can get used to benefit from a company product for life without paying any money to the business itself. Free email checker services can never provide this part of the email verification process through a mail server. This is also a real time process from the providers.

Catch-All Domains Checker

Identifing catch all (accept all) domains is another important role in email verification process. A catch all email service provider receives any email coming to their smtp server and they never response back if the email address is a valid address. Emails Checker email verifier can improve the open rates of your email list by spotting the domains that return a valid result for any emails sent out and then skipping checking these domains.

Syntax Errors Validator – Email verifier

So many times, email addresses are useless because they have syntax errors. This part of our system removes all the email addresses that have any invalid syntax in them. An email verifier tool easily identifies these syntax errors and cleans your email lists.

Hard Bounce Checker

Our bounce checker tool will send undetectable verifications to email addresses on your list to prove whether they exist, are active and can receive messages. Always reduce bounces to keep your business email address score high especially for free email service providers. So your emails land in to your customer inbox, not to a spam folder.

Gibberish Check Email Verifier

The Gibberish email verifier is self-explanatory, a commonly included feature in most email checker systems. It checks the validity of email addresses by determining if they are gibberish or not.

Open an email verifier free account here:
*We suggest providing your business email address for the signup business. However free email address is also accepted.

Why is an Email Checker and Email Verification So Important?

If you still need convincing that an email verifier service like Emails Checker Pro is something you should invest in, consider why email verification is crucial.

Make Sure the Email Data You Have on File is Up to Date

Like most things, data can eventually become obsolete and outdated. Individuals change their companies or positions, and domains shut down or change. When this happens to the individuals or the email addresses and their relevant domains on your contacts list, the information you have is worthless. You need valid and sound data, which could lead to dissatisfied clients and customers.

That is one reason why it is so important to take the area of email checking and verification seriously if you want to have the most accurate and current data on your database.

Bulk email verification for improving email deliverability.
Bulk email verification for improving email deliverability.

Bulk Email Verifier

Simply Upload your email list directly to Emails Checker Pro email verifier. It checks email servers for deliverable addresses and if email address is valid. Verify emails for actual email and increase your sender reputation.

Email Deliverability

With an email checker service, you can filter all invalid email addresses out so that when you send messages to your list, they contact potential clients and not dead ends. This, in turn, can improve your email open rate while reducing your bounce rate. Having a better delverability also increase your business email address sender reputation.

Lower Email Bounce Rate

Your email bounce rate is an important metric. If you are sending out emails to invalid addresses, it could cost you a lot in the long run by lowering your conversion rate. It will also lead to penalties for your account and could damage your website and email domain reputation. Always keep your sender reputation high. Many businesses verify email addresses every month for bad email data. Get rid of fake emails and only send emails to intended recipient. The more emails you have in your list, more frequently you would need to verify an email. Even while free tools can get helpful to businesses however using a professional email verification service provides up to 99% accuracy for verifying.

Maintain a Good Domain Reputation

The problem of low domain reputation is directly connected to spam and a combination of low email deliverability and high spam rate. This can have a severe effect on your domain authority and domain rank. When you use an email checking service like Emailschecker, you can verify email address and confirm potential addresses and prevent problems from occurring further down the line. It is best to take a proactive approach rather than a retroactive approach. Always verify. In other words, using an effective preventative measure is better than repairing problems after they have occurred.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Email Checking Service

As many email checking, verification and validation services and systems are available on the market, you may feel intimidated. To decide which is best for you, consider the following aspects and features. Try Emails Checker Pro free email verifier. Run it for email verifications to verify, save time and avoid sending emails to bad emails. Only send emails to valid recipients.

Freemium Option

Most email-checking services will offer a freemium option. This allows you to trial the capabilities of their services before locking into a more structured plan. Our verification tool also come with free trial to all functions including mx record check, email verify, valid checker, single email verification and real time address validation. Make sure your initial sending emails goes only to inbox.


Look for email-checking services that offer a variety of prices. If you are an individual, it doesn’t make sense that you should have to pay the same for the services as a small or medium company or even an enterprise-sized organisation.

Method of Verification and Checking

As we have already noted, the way that specific email-checking services run can differ. Make sure you know what features an email verifier offers and if that is enough for you before signing up. Always test and verify if the service works well for your business.

Customer Support

Many email-checking services use configured pre-set answers and chatbots to make it easy for you to use their services. Although this will help with more general setups, if you run into any problems, it can be helpful and reassuring to speak to a customer service agent.

Always Read Reviews

It is a good general rule of thumb when you spend any money that you check reviews first. Read and verif your self. Take some time to read both positive and negative reviews of email checking services you are interested in to determine the best offers for your customers.

Can you check if an email is still valid?

Check Email. You can enter email address then click on the check icon. This program checks and shows the correct E-mail address. You can use e mailchecker online for free. Enter your e-mail address and the e-mail checking tool will show all results.

How accurate are email validation services?

Generally the best verification tool has accuracy rates of 99 percent and many guarantee bounce rates under 2% after cleaning. Remember that the correctness goes the other way.


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